» My Favorite Mascara

I recently discovered my new favorite mascara! 
A lot of people have a tendency to try out one mascara that "works" for us, and stick to that, and I am guilty as charged! What I never thought of was, that maybe this mascara that I stuck to, maybe wasn't the best mascara, but just "close enough". I tried out some different ones and with the lashes I have, I really want volume and curl.
I got the In Extreme Dimension mascara from MAC and on the first try I wasn't impressed, however, I gave it a week to see the difference.. I was pleasantly surprised! It did exactly what I want for my lashes to look like, when I am not wearing fakes and I have never experienced the same volume on my lashes.
So I am going to try out different mascaras from MAC in the next couple of months to see if I find one that is even better, I've tried different ones and they are all good - but this exact mascara does exactly what I want! Hurray! What is your favorite mascara? 

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» MUA Monday: Shaaanxo

This weeks MUA Monday is Shannon Harris. 
She is the face behind her own lash collection, she's Shaaanxo on YouTube and you can also check out her Blog and Instagram!
I've been watching a lot of her videos lately, so much that my boyfriend notice it from just hearing her voice, haha! She does all sorts of beauty related videos on YouTube and she is such a pleasure to watch, because she is really honest in her opinions and very informative.