» My new head! (wait what?!)

You read it! I have bought a new head of hair – a training head for hairstyles. This is so important to me, since I find the hair part of my education to be the most difficult one, even though I absolutely love it! I bought the head through my school with a tripod stand so I can adjust it at any time. 

I got it home with me the other day and the first thing I did was unpack the head and the tripod stand, set it up and started braiding. I often do not feel like I have the time to meet up with my girl friends and practice on their hair, so this is a great deal to me. I have practiced every day since I got it and I am slowly but surely starting to find some hairstyle ideas for my exam shoot which is in less than two weeks, which means I am going to focus on those hairstyles most of the time, but I bet I can find time to post a few looks once in a while! It was a really great investment and I am going to take very good care of her so she will last for many years! 

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