» MUA Monday

So I thought we should start something new on the blog: MUA Monday
Basically MUA Monday is where I recommend some of my favorite make-up artists that I follow on blogs, youtube, Instagram and what not. I would also love if you all commented the MUA Monday blogs with some of your favorite make-up artists, stylist, beauty gurus and so on so I can go check them out! 
So the first MUA that I am going to recommend is Carli Bybel who owns the Youtube Channel CarliBel55 and the blog The Fashion Bybel
She does everything from natural to bold looks and this Halloween she has been very active, posting a lot of Halloween tutorials. She is so beautiful and while teaching other over youtube how to do so-and-so when applying make-up, she also talks a lot about the importance of beauty from within. Her make-up is very "American" as we say in my school, and I think she really pulls it off with the bold colors and straight lines!
Hope you're all having a lovely Monday! 

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