» MUA Monday: Shaaanxo

This weeks MUA Monday is Shannon Harris. 
She is the face behind her own lash collection, she's Shaaanxo on YouTube and you can also check out her Blog and Instagram!
I've been watching a lot of her videos lately, so much that my boyfriend notice it from just hearing her voice, haha! She does all sorts of beauty related videos on YouTube and she is such a pleasure to watch, because she is really honest in her opinions and very informative. 

» MUA Monday: Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerrierio is an absolutely stunning beauty vlogger on youtube, check it out here!
I've been watching her videos for quite some time now, and I find her truly inspiring and she is just really fun to watch! She's always so cheerful in her videos and she good at explaining how and why to do this and that. 
You can also check out her instagram account, here!

» MUA Monday: Linda Hallberg

This weeks MUA Monday goes to Linda Hallberg. She is a Swedish make-up artist and hairstylist. She runs a Blog, Instagram and Youtube and you can click them all for direct link! Her style is a mix of the beauty/creative worlds and she's done so many looks that has inspired me a lot. 

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