» Final Shoot picture!

Hurray! Yesterday I received my finale picture from the shoot at NWMA. I have to be honest and say that I am so proud of myself. It was a really stressful and nervewrecking day for me, because I was so scared of screwing it all up and getting an awful picture. Everything went really well though and I had an amazing day at the final shoot, and now that I have got my picture I am much more calm. 
It is funny to think that I expected a dark haired girl with thick brows for my look and instead I got a pale and blonde girl and I covered up her already quite light brows - and it ended up looking much better than I expected with a dark haired girl! Frida, the model from Scoop Models, had very small eyes, so by covering up her brows and blending the shadow out in a v-shape made her eyes much bigger and the look far more edgy than I had imagined, which I love! 
I just wanted to show you all the picture, I miss the academy so much and I hope I get to work with more photoshoots soon.

» Last day at NWMA

.. Which also marks my first day as a certified make-up artist and hair stylist! 
I can not believe the 8 weeks has already past, it went by way too fast. 
The past eight weeks has been some of the most stressful, hard and difficult weeks in my life, yet they have also been some of the absolute most fun, exciting, active ones and also the ones where I have probably learned more in such a short amount of time than ever.
It is a hard education, it takes courage to take the leap because you really have to believe in yourself, which I usually never did with anything education wise, because I was not sure about it - with this, I was .. I am! 
I have so many future plans, so many days already planned out for practice, this is an education that never ends, you have to stay up to date with trends, styles, new techniques and so on. It is never just, "alright you passed, you're such a professional now", which is probably one of the things I love the most about this education - I get to learn new things for the rest of my life. 
If you are from Denmark and you have a dream about becoming a make-up artist and hairstylist I will definitely reccomend Nicci Welsh Make-Up Academy. I am so grateful for all they have taught me, for the sweet teachers who were to get to know us and what we wanted to get out of this and for Nicci who has supported us all and who showered us all with good luck and compliments on our work today. She has been there during the whole journey, she was the teacher for a couple of the days and she was always there if you needed to talk to her.
It was really emotional to say goodbye to the other students, the teachers, Nicci and the school today, because these past 8 weeks has been so intense and we have all helped each other so much, it is going to feel odd not to see these people from Monday-Friday anymore. I am sure I will probably see most of them again in the future though, who knows what it holds! 

» The final week at NWMA

The Final week at NWMA is upon us, and it is without a doubt stressful to most of us. We had to get our own models for Tuesday and luckily my very best friend in the whole wide world, Thea, was able to get a day off from her studies and be my model for a day! 
The pictures shows almost what I am going to do for the final shoot which is tomorrow! It is going to be a black and green smokey eye, not blended far out like on the picture, I have something else in mind. Nude lips, a bit more contouring and a fishtail braid with lose, messy curls in the front. I am really nervous but I did see a picture of the model that I am going to get for tomorrow and I know it is all going to be fine, since we have all had a lot of practice. I cannot wait to show you the final pictures, however we are still not sure when we are going to get the finished results, time will tell! 
Hope you are all doing well, and I will probably update you all about the shoot tomorrow, at some point!

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