» The final week at NWMA

The Final week at NWMA is upon us, and it is without a doubt stressful to most of us. We had to get our own models for Tuesday and luckily my very best friend in the whole wide world, Thea, was able to get a day off from her studies and be my model for a day! 
The pictures shows almost what I am going to do for the final shoot which is tomorrow! It is going to be a black and green smokey eye, not blended far out like on the picture, I have something else in mind. Nude lips, a bit more contouring and a fishtail braid with lose, messy curls in the front. I am really nervous but I did see a picture of the model that I am going to get for tomorrow and I know it is all going to be fine, since we have all had a lot of practice. I cannot wait to show you the final pictures, however we are still not sure when we are going to get the finished results, time will tell! 
Hope you are all doing well, and I will probably update you all about the shoot tomorrow, at some point!

» First face chart

Like I told you in my previous post - The other NWMA girls and I went to MAC yesterday morning to get a lecture in facecharts! Let me just say this - it's is so hard! It was still really really fun and we very quite amused comparing one side to the other (trust me, there's a reason why you can only see half of my facecharts face!). The hardest part, for me, was probably the lips and the eyelashes. For the lashes we used a liquid liner and it was quite difficult to not smear the lashes in the end and make them, well, not so clumpy! 
I am trying to dust up facecharts somewhere, so if any of you find any links to where I can buy them (It does not have to be MAC) I would love to see some links in the comments! :-)

Have any of you tried facecharts before, and was it hard for any of you? 

» Facechart inspiration

We got the amazing oppertunity as the first class at NWMA ever, to get a pro class day in facecharts!
This, I am extremely excited about. As a MAC fanatic I know how deligently they use facecharts for new collections, for costumer purposes and much more and I've been wanting to practice this for so long! 

The fact that we are going to get a whole day with one of Denmarks absolute best "facecharters" to come and teach us all about it, is something I thought I could only hope for but actually ended up getting! Nicci heard, that a lot of us girls at school was interested in learning about facecharts and therefore she contacted the MAC Pro Store and asked if the guy who is so great at it, Peter, wanted to come and teach us. I am so happy, that she made this happen for us! 
Here's some of Peter's facecharts, stolen from his instagram account. Doesn't it all look absolutely stunning! I am pretty sure it is going to be really hard but also really fun! If my facecharts are not too ugly, I might post the here later on, haha.

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