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In Denmark, we used to have an Urban Decay stand in our Sephora based in Copenhagen. Unfortunately for some reason it was closed around a year ago, if not more. Since then, Denmark has been in need of an Urban Decay stand, obviously because they have such beautiful and vibrant products! 
Luckily for us Danes, Urban Decay re-opened in our large shopping centre, Magasin, in the middle of November! Therefore I have made a little wishlist of some of the products I would love to try out, since I actually don't own a single UB product. 
If you are from Denmark I would recommend that you go and check out their stand, it's so beautiful and even though it is tiny, they have quite a lot of products on display for you all. 
Do you have any UB products? Which are you favorite?

» Purple Passion

From top, clockwise: 
- Nyx, Lavender
- MAC, Heroine
- MAC, Up The Amp
- Nars, Angela
- Lime Crime, D'Lilac
I have a tiny obsession with purple shaded lipsticks .. To be completely honest, I have quite the obsession with all sorts of lipsticks, but lately I have been loving the purple colors! Here are some of the ones I pocess and some that are on my wishlist this christmas - I think they all look so beautiful! 
You can find thousands of different purple lipstick shades, like lilac, violet, deep purple and so on! If only I could own every single one of those shades.
I love building and forming my lip with the Currant lip liner from MAC, adding Up The Amp on top and sometimes top that op with a sheer lipgloss, maybe with a little shimmer, for example the Viva Glam Rihanna 2 Lipglass! 
What are some of your favorite lipstick colors? Tell me in the comments!

» Gift wishes for Christmas

1195 lipstick Dip Brow Pomade Brow Bar To Go • Rose Golden brush set

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