» How to get Kylie Jenner lips

Kylie Jenner's lips are probably one of them most spoken of subjects in the beauty industry this year! Everybody wants to have lips like her - or, at least the shape and the color! It has been discussed whether or not Kylie had lip injuctions, even though the young woman states that she has not gotten any cosmetic surgery. MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist, John Stapleton has come with his bet on, how Kylie has gotten fuller lips and which products can be used, to get the ever so desired shade! If you have thin lips (like myself) you should follow step 6,  if you have medium to big lips and don't want to make them bigger, just skip that step.
1. Primer: Start out with priming your lips. MAC has a really great prep + prime lipstick that makes your lips silky soft, fill in the ridges and makes the liner and lipstick last much longer than its usual weartime. 
2. Take a lipliner lighter than your own facecolor, Nude from MAC is a very nice example. Draw above your natural lip liner and draw in the wanted shape, it should look something like drawing in with concealer shade. 
3. Now take a lipliner close to your own natural lipliner, a good example would be Whirl by MAC, which is the one Kylie uses, another good example is Spice which is a bit more brown.
4. Top the liner with lipstick, you can use Satin Faux by MAC, Whipped Caviar by NYX or Raquel from Nars.
5. Top the lipstick with a sheer gloss if you want to amp it up and make them look even fuller! 
6. Highlight: Use a highlighter on the top of your cupids bow to make your upper lip look fuller, if needed on the lower lip, you can do the same under the bow. 
I hope you find this useful, and if you have any dupes to these colors, maybe some budget friendly ones, feel free to share in the comments! :-) 

» MAC Foundation Guide

Studio Fix Powder Pro Longwear • Studio Fix Fluid • Studio Sculpt • Mineralize • Face & Body
I made this little guide for you all with some of my favorite MAC foundations! I linked to all the foundations above so you can read a lot more about all of them. I use Studio Fix Fluid on my own face, daily - for the full coverage and matte finish, since I tend to have a bit troubled skin and I don't like to look too shiny. I use Studio Sculpt on others for the really great medium coverage, for those who tend to have dry skin. Face & Body I almost only use for photoshoot purposes, since it has a sheer coverage - however, you are able to make a thicker coverage, if blended probably in layers, I will recommend to use a mineralize or use the Matchmaster Foundation instead. Hope this little guide helped a tad, feel free to leave a comment telling me what your favorite foundation is! :-) 

» A little Sunday project

I recently bought a duo palette from MAC as well as a 24 room pan for my single palette. So today I cleaned up the single palette, depotted the eyeshadows I had in it, cleaned those and put them into my duo palette where I am going to use the other side for blushes very soon. I put in the 24 pan in the single palette and startet shaping my lipstick into the pan.
I have seen different tutorials on how to place your lipsticks into the pan, most of them where you melt your lipstick into the pan for the perfect shape. I, however, am too scared to change the lipsticks color and texture, which can easily happen, if you heat the lipstick just a tad too much. So I decided to press the lipsticks on a spoon so it became mushy and then I placed the lipstick into the pan. It might not be the prettiest result, but my lipsticks are still intact and I only used around 1/4 of the lipstick in each room! 
This is just a little preview of the palette, I still have to fill out the rest of the pan! 
This is a great way to have your lipsticks stored, I am going to put the names of individual lipstick shades on the back of the palette too, so I can keep track of that. I find that applying my lipstick with a brush is 10 times easier that applying the directly from the stick and you don't use as much lipstick at a time either. I also found, when I cut the lipsticks that I did not have much product left in, that there is about 1/4 more lipstick at the bottom, which you usually can't get off when you just leave it as a stick. So if you wear down a lipstick, you can always scoop out the reaming product and put it in one of these palettes, that's what I did with my Taupe and Angel (the two first colors on the top left to right) , which I had almost nothing left of!
I still have to clean the palette after I get the rest of the lipsticks into the pan, and even the lipsticks out a bit more. But I can definitely recommend this to anybody! It is also easy for me to bring one of these palettes with me on jobs, instead of bringing all my lipsticks. 
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday, everybody! 

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