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Studio Fix Powder Pro Longwear • Studio Fix Fluid • Studio Sculpt • Mineralize • Face & Body
I made this little guide for you all with some of my favorite MAC foundations! I linked to all the foundations above so you can read a lot more about all of them. I use Studio Fix Fluid on my own face, daily - for the full coverage and matte finish, since I tend to have a bit troubled skin and I don't like to look too shiny. I use Studio Sculpt on others for the really great medium coverage, for those who tend to have dry skin. Face & Body I almost only use for photoshoot purposes, since it has a sheer coverage - however, you are able to make a thicker coverage, if blended probably in layers, I will recommend to use a mineralize or use the Matchmaster Foundation instead. Hope this little guide helped a tad, feel free to leave a comment telling me what your favorite foundation is! :-) 

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