» Top 10 MAC Musthaves

1. Foundation: I actually use Studio Fix Fluid, but Studio Sculpt is one of my favorite to use on other peoples skin. It is great for dry skin, which a lot of us are dealing with in this cold winter! Link to every product, is on their description.
2. Eyeshadows: MAC eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, one of the many reasons that I love them so much. Some of my favorite colors are Mulch, Deep Fixation, Carbon and Satin Taupe 
3. Fluidline: The MAC Fluidline is an absolute musthave for the ones who wants a sharp straight liner and even a deep blended line as well. It is so easy to work with and blends so well with eyeshadow, the black color, Blacktrack, is quite addicting. 
4. Haute and Naughty Lash Mascara: This mascara is my favorite! It has two functions, one with a smaller mascara to make your lashes natural defined and a bigger one to make your lashes really big and intense! Perfect to have on the go, so you can spice up your look during the day.
5. Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage: This primer is a must in my kit. It has silicone in its formula, which absorbs excessive sebum from the skin, calms down redness and puffyness as well as it makes it easier to apply foundation and powder and makes it last even longer during the day!
6. Select Moisturecover concealer: My absolute favorite concealer! As it also implies in its name, the concealer is moisturizing to your skin, which is a great plus for people who wants to conceal redness under the nose and next to the nostrils where you often tend to get a little dry skin. It's great to use under your eyes to cover the dark circles, as it is also super easy to blend out and layer up, if needed. I couldn't speak more highly of this concealer! 
7. Kohl Eyeliner, Smolder: This eyeliner is really soft to use, it last long on your waterline and is great to blend for a dark, smokey look and well as underneath the eyes. It doesn't sting when applied and is so easy to work with because of the soft formula.
8. Lipstick: MAC has a ton of different lipstick finishes! Matte, Lustre, Cremesheen - so on and so forth .. My favorite finish is definitely Matte, it lasts longer, top it with a lipgloss and you have the most beautiful lips! Some of my favorite MAC colors are Up The Amp, Candy Yum Yum, Russian Red, and Angel. 
9. Prep + Prime transparent finishing powder: Most of us has probably know the trouble with having a really great result after foundation and concealer, then wanting to mattify it with powder and then it ends up looking all caked up and too thick - right? That is one of the reasons to love the transparent prep + prime powder from MAC! I usually only use it on the T-zone where most people tend to get a bit oily during the day. 
10. Blush: MAC has different formulas of blushes! Creme, mineralize, powder and so on.. I quite like the powder ones and those are the ones I have most experience with. They come in a big variety of shades, one of my favorites are called peaches! They have everything from blush, contour and highlight shades. They are quite easy to blend and they can be baught as refill pans, as well as the eyeshadows, so you can create your own perfect palette! 
Those are my top 10 must haves from MAC! Is there anything you would like to add, then leave a comment so I can check out the products! :-) 

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How do they compare?

E-cigarettes use heat from a battery to produce a vapor from a flavored liquid that contains nicotine. Users simulate the effect of smoking by inhaling the vapor, a practice known as “vaping.” Long-term health effects are unknown.

Cigarettes, on the other hand, are currently the No. 1 preventable cause of death in the United States.

“Traditional cigarettes are made of tobacco, which, when combusted, will produce more than 6,000 chemicals, many of which are known to cause cancer,” says pulmonologist Umur Hatipoglu, MD. Traditional cigarettes contain substances such as formaldehyde, arsenic, tar and ammonia, which are established hazards to lung health.

There are fewer chemicals in e-cigarettes (though still as many as 250 or more). They’re not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), though, so you have no way of knowing what, exactly, is in them.

Electronic Cigarettes Health

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