» Ethnical day at NWMA

 Our teachers thought we should have a day where we got to learn how to do a full look on ethnical skin. This could be all African, Asian and Middle eastern skintones. We had to find the models ourselves and luckily a lot of the girls in school new a couple of girls who could come in a be our models for a day. We had to team up, since we did not have enough models for each of us. Marica and I got Miriam, a very sweet girl who was eager to know much more about make-up and how to find the right foundation for her skintone. 
I did the eyes, eyebrows and contouring, we both did the base and foundation and Marica did the lips and touched up the skin before we took any pictures. I am so bummed we forgot to take a before picture, it was quite a transformation! She sure is a natural beauty and what we focused on was enhancing her good feautures. 
It felt really good to know, that I can be confident when doing any skincolor! A couple of years ago, many make up brands did not make any foundations or concealers for people with darker skin tones. We actually have quite a lot of brands to this day, who produce and sell products for darker skin tones, which also makes it much easier for these ladies. It was a super fun day and I really enjoyed making this look with Marica.

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