» First face chart

Like I told you in my previous post - The other NWMA girls and I went to MAC yesterday morning to get a lecture in facecharts! Let me just say this - it's is so hard! It was still really really fun and we very quite amused comparing one side to the other (trust me, there's a reason why you can only see half of my facecharts face!). The hardest part, for me, was probably the lips and the eyelashes. For the lashes we used a liquid liner and it was quite difficult to not smear the lashes in the end and make them, well, not so clumpy! 
I am trying to dust up facecharts somewhere, so if any of you find any links to where I can buy them (It does not have to be MAC) I would love to see some links in the comments! :-)

Have any of you tried facecharts before, and was it hard for any of you? 

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