» MAC Masterclass

We got a guest teacher at NWMA this Wednesday - Michelle Lerchedahl from the danish MAC Cosmetics crew. She came to show us some amazing make-up and guide us with a few tips and tricks - if not to say a lot, and see how we are all doing on our soon to be finished makeup artist journey. 
She was super sweet and very creative. We did two different looks and we tried out some MAC products that has not been available to us at NWMA and it was all quite amazing to me. 

Some of you might know that MAC is my very favorite make-up brand and I am obsessed with their products, what they stand for and their whole history of becoming a world leading brand. The day after MAC Masterclass we got to visit the pro store before opening hours and get a tour in all of their products, which was so informative and I learned so much about the brand that I didn't already know! 
Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday evening :-) 

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