» My Favorite Mascara

I recently discovered my new favorite mascara! 
A lot of people have a tendency to try out one mascara that "works" for us, and stick to that, and I am guilty as charged! What I never thought of was, that maybe this mascara that I stuck to, maybe wasn't the best mascara, but just "close enough". I tried out some different ones and with the lashes I have, I really want volume and curl.
I got the In Extreme Dimension mascara from MAC and on the first try I wasn't impressed, however, I gave it a week to see the difference.. I was pleasantly surprised! It did exactly what I want for my lashes to look like, when I am not wearing fakes and I have never experienced the same volume on my lashes.
So I am going to try out different mascaras from MAC in the next couple of months to see if I find one that is even better, I've tried different ones and they are all good - but this exact mascara does exactly what I want! Hurray! What is your favorite mascara? 

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